N.A Junior League - Cushendun Vs Eoghan Rua (Coleraine)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
After disappointment at the match on sunday, Cushendun were determined for a win. Donnagh McMahon i.e."Me"started the scoring with two points in the 5th & 7th minute. Paddy McSparran then got a goal shortly after in the 9th. Things seemed to get a little relaxed at this point, where Eoghan Rua seemed to get a few scores. Shane O'Connell brought things back up to speed with 2points in the 21st & 23rd minute. Closely followed by a point from Donnagh McMahon in the 24th. Willy Irwin thought it was about time he got a score, running the ball in and getting a goal in the 26th minute and a point in the 28th.

Half time score:
Cushendun 2-6, Eoghan Rua 0-7.

In the second half the ball mainly seemed to travel from one half back line to the other, this was mainly down to Eoghan Rua who pulled one of thier players back to give them a free man, who seemed to clear everything round him, only to be intercepted by one of our free men. There were only 2 scores in this half, Shane McKeegan landed a free from 80yards out to score a point in the 9th and Rory McQuillan came all the way from the back line to take a point in the 15th min. Eoghan Rua didn't score in the second half. The referee then blew up the game 10mins early as it was gettin dark and health & Safety was an issue.

Full time score:
Cushendun 2-8, Eoghan Rua 0-7.

The Team:
1.Nial Campbell.
2.James Magee.
3.Rory McQuillan.
4.Liam Hamilton.
5.Paul Hamilton.
6.Conor McKay.
7.Brian McQuillan.
8.Rory Millar.
9.Shane McKeegan.
10.Willy Irwin.
11.Shane O'Connell.
12.Dominic Sharkey.
13.Donnagh McMahon.
14.Paddy McSparran.
15.Alex McMullan.

Dominic McQuillan ON, Shane O'Connell OFF.
Geard Magee ON, Conor McKay OFF.
Johny McCormick ON, Paul Hamilton OFF.