N.A Junior League - Cushendun Vs Larne

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
After A draw with Carey the previous week and A good track record against Larne, Cushendun despite having trouble finding the pitch appeared with a great deal of confidence. Perhaps a little too much. From the word go Larne got stuck in, as soon as one of our players had the ball there were at least 3 yellow jerseys round him. It took both teams around 5minutes to settle and find a rythm. Nial campbell scored 2 points in the first half giving us a bit of breathing space, which Paddy McSparran made full use of put one over himself, Willy Irwin also scored a point in the first half. Brian McQuillan's first appearance of the season saw him score a goal from a high dropping ball, which looked as if it was going to loose momentum before it got to the line, Gareth McHugh spotted this and decided to run in and make sure of it, But Brian followed his shot and with a swift bott it saw the back of the net. Most of the oppositions scoring came from one or two players, with "Fish" being the most promenant, scoring a multitude of points but was denied a few attempts at goal by both Dominic & Geard Magee. This left the half time score a very close 1-5 to 0-7 to Cushendun. In the second half Geard Laverty came on for Mark Scally, Nial Campbell was put in nets & Dominic Magee was put into forwards. In this half Larne was alot less intense, dispite scoring a goal they only scored one point. Dominic Magee made use of his new position scoring a klinker goal and 3 pionts. Paddy McSparren also tallied up 3 more points & Alex McMullan put his name on the score sheet with a point to leave the full time score, 2-12, 1-8 to Cushendun.

The team was:
1. Dominic Magee.
2. Sean Hamilton.
3. Geard Magee.
4. Liam Hamilton.
5. Paul Hamilton.
6. Mark Scally.
7. Alex McMullen.
8. Nial Campbell.
9. Rory Millar.
10. Ryan Millar.
11. Willy Irwin.
12. Donnagh McMahon.
13. Gareth McHugh.
14. Paddy McSparran.
15. Brian McQuillan.

Geard Laverty On, Mark Scally Off