AGM 2017 Sunday 26th November

Friday, November 17, 2017
AGM 2017 Sunday 26th November 3.30 pm

All positions within the committee are available and new faces are most welcome. We will be accepting nominations from the floor at the AGM so long as the nominee is aware that they are being nominated for a position. Although not necessary, it would be helpful if any nominations could be sent by email to me before the AGM. 
Senior Team Management
Nominations will be accepted for this role and the matter will then be decided upon by the new committee at its first meeting. We would be grateful if any interested parties could let me know of their interest by email before the AGM.
Prior notice of any motions would be helpful but again not necessary.

Therefore if you require any further details about committee posts and what they Involve or you would like to give prior notice of any nominations or motions please contact me at the email address below .