New Child Protection Guidelines

Thursday, April 16, 2015



A chara,


You may be aware, the AccessNI vetting process is changing from 1st April 2015 in line with the Justice Bill 2014. Part of this Bill amends the current legislation on criminal record disclosure by AccessNI and introduces changes to the process for obtaining AccessNI checks.


In order to facilitate the AccessNI process changes, this email outlines Ulster GAA’s amended process for Counties and Clubs completing the vetting process.  It is worth noting, whilst the paper application process has changed, the main vetting process remains the same in that there is still a requirement for applicants to submit photocopies of identity documentation along with their cover form and nominated officers must check original identification and sign off their verification form to send on to Ulster GAA.


Please carefully read the information below as it outlines the amended vetting process.  The relevant documentation is also attached:


Ulster Council Terms and Conditions - the club must agree to abide by these terms and conditions before checks can be carried out on their behalf.  The club chairperson and secretary sign these along with the nominated officer. 
The template for clubs/counties returning applications for checks - this is the sheet that the nominated officer/children's officer signs off after verifying individual’s original identity documents. 
The applicant Cover Form and 6 digit PIN number - The process is similar to before, the only difference being the introduction of the new online AccessNI application; we still require photocopies of appropriate identity documents and the completed individual cover form for each completed individual online application.  The accepted forms of identity documents can be found on the cover form attached. The nominated officer signs off on the original identity documents and then photocopies are attached with the ID cover form and sent to Ulster GAA, we do not require the original ID documents.


E-Application Applicant Instructions – Applicant instructions are outlined on the attached cover form with further information available in the Ulster GAA AccessNI E-Vetting Guidance Document.  Nominated Officers should ask applicants to go to  to register and complete their vetting application. Once the applicant has completed and submitted their application, please ask them to record their 10 digit case tracking reference number onto their cover form and attach copies of ID and return it to the nominated officer.  This cover form must then be forwarded to Ulster GAA via the Club Nominated Officer.


AccessNI E-Application Process Guidance – This is a step by step guidance document with screen examples to help applicants complete the online application.  This document outlines the process on setting up a new account via the NIDirect website for new account users; how to complete the online application and; how to case track their application once submitted for processing.


Can you please ensure this information and documentation is circulated to whoever within your club is responsible for this critical area of work. 


Club Nominated Officers should also be aware that Ulster GAA cannot process any online applications without the appropriate copies of ID documents and individual cover forms.  So it will be important that these are submitted to Ulster GAA in a timely fashion to allow the online application to be processed accordingly.


If you have any queries in relation to this, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. 


Is mise le meas

Kathy Kelly 

Children's Officer (Acting)