Reminder re. Photographs

Saturday, February 19, 2011
The photographs taken during the first match of the season have been added to the website and can be viewed in the Gallery.

Once again it is hoped that this season many of the matches will be photographed and the images published on the website. 

However, given the hard work that is put in by the dedicated photographers to attend matches and produce the photography which we all enjoy, it's important that we show them some respect.

This means that it is expected of ALL Players, Club Members and Supporters to recognise the fact that all photographs on this website are the copyright of the photographer that took them and must not be reproduced without prior permission being sought from the photographer.

If this law is not followed there is a very good chance that both the taking of photographs at events/matches and the publishing of them on this website will stop.

*'Reproduction of photographs' means not only printing off the images but also using them on Facebook, Bebo, Blogs, Twitter  and other websites*