Naomh Padriaig

26 September 2015
Hard Luck to Naomh padraig Minors. This is the first year of this Juvenile club, made up of Armoy, Carey and Cushendun players. This year, Naomh Padraig have put a team out at every age group from U6 to U21, something none of the clubs could have done on their own or even if only two of them were joined. 

So you see this club is borne out of necessity, which is in itself a challenge that the traditional big clubs don't face. The geographical distance is 20 miles between Armoy & Cushendun, so it was not an easy option, the easy option would have been to throw in the towel and let our kids go to the bigger clubs, but who would that have helped? Not us and probably not, long term, the big club they joined. 

Today is so disappointing. No question, the Minors deserved to be there, there was a group of lads who got together and gathered momentum through the year, they were well drilled, well coached and well thought of. We are so proud of them today and share in their disappointment.

This is the problem with GAA, its so much part of us that it hurts to lose and it is enthralling when we win. This is what our boys have played since they could walk, its what people talk about, its what people think about. Its part of our DNA. We are Naomh Padraig, we got to a minor final in our first year, we will have more finals to play and we will face more challenges as a club, but for the sake of all the Cushendun GAA people who have gone before us, choose the hard road.....R.Rimied Abu.